About The Artist



Taguhi's work explores the relationship between nature and art. With influence from fall colors to winter frost, new variations are generated from both mundane and transcendent meanings. Her paintings are visual manifestations of physical forces in nature. Her art captures a moment which is meant to inspire a sensation that is analogous to being in the natural world.
She finds the textural quality of paint an exciting element of painting--as much as design, composition, and color. Taguhi uses a variety of paint textures to reach her desired aim in paintings and envisions a painting in almost everything. She adds drama and mystery through the use of powerful textural effects, and reflected surfaces. Taguhi likes to take the subject of nature and enhance the perception of it and invites the viewer to take a closer look: "If you look closer, you may discover something new about yourself. I love how the medium takes command. I start the process, but the paint takes charge and leads the work to sometimes an unintended outcome. It’s always exhilarating!”
Awards & Exhibitions
Taguhi earned her undergraduate degree in Painting and completed her graduate work in Art and Theater Criticism. Her work is held in many private collections. 
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